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Car rental in Crete:What to know before you hire a car in crete.

Whatever rental car you choose to hire , in whatever rate, Check car rental terms to see who can rent a car in Crete, if you have the right renters age, if your driving licence is valid, What rental car insurance covers, check also company and renter obligations.

General Terms
1) Driver's minimum age is 23 years, for jeeps and minibuses 25 years.
2) The driving license must be issued 24 months before the renting.
3) The minimum rental period is 1 day, without kilometer limit.
4) Insurance coverage:
  • FCI - Fully Comprehensive Insurance: covering all material damages which are caused to the rented car during the rental period by the authorized drivers
  • PAI - Personal Accident Insurance: covering bodily injuries of passengers and authorized drivers
  • TPI - Third Party Insurance: covering bodily injuries and material damages against third persons
  • TLW - Theft Liability Waiver and Fire Insurance: without excess fee
  • TWU - Tires, Wheels and Underbody Insurance: covers damages to the tires, the wheels and the underbody of the rental car which occur while driving on public roads
  • Glass breakage and Mirrors Insurance: without excess fee
5) The amount of the compensation is specified by the insurance contract.
6) In case the driver is involved in a traffic accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs, none insurance coverage is valid and the driver is personally responsible for any liabilities. The same applies if the name of the driver is not explicitly mentioned in the rental contract.
7) TWU (Tires, Wheels and Underbody Insurance) does not apply if the vehicle is used on o non-asphalted road.
8) The fuels consumed during the rental period are at the expense of the leaser.
9) For the shipment of the vehicle, you will need a written permission from OSCAR car.
10) All accruing penalties regarding violations of the Traffic Code are at the expense of the leaser.
11) Ιn case of loss of vehicle keys, the leaser is obliged to pay the price for their replacement or to cover costs that may arise for finding them.
12) 24-hours breakdown service.
13) The final price includes VAT.
14) Payment terms: The payment will be transacted at the delivery of the vehicle, either by cash or by credit card (VISA, MASTER CARD).
15) Replacement vehicle. Our company is obligated, in case of a mechanical damage or in any other case, which lies in the area of our responsibility, to replace the vehicle.
16) OSCAR car provides to its clients free of charge a map of Crete and after request a child's safety seat or a luggage carrier.