Museum of Eleftherna

The Museum of Eleftherna is located 25km southeast of Rethymno, near Arkadi Monastery. It is a city of ancient Crete with an important history that is housed in a modern building of 1700 sq.m. that looks like an ark. The city is the most important archaeological site in Rethymno, which is not fully excavated and is expected to provide archaeologists with many valuable finds. The first organized excavations began in 1985 by the University of Crete.

Museum of Eleftherna

Ancient Eleftherna

Eleftherna consists of archaeological zones and is a landscape of archaeological and natural beauty. Not only are the findings interesting, but also the environment that coexists with the cultural heritage.

There is a grove in which a unique botanical garden with all the plants of Crete has been designed, with all the details of its aromatic and therapeutic properties from antiquity to today.

In the place of Orthi Petra there is a large necropolis, which was to become the most important part of Eleftherna with many finds. Here was found the tomb of the warriors with 480 vases, weapons and the ditch of warriors killed in battle.

In 2010, archaeologists found themselves in front of one of the most important discoveries of ancient times, as they found an impassable tomb of 700 BC. The tomb was a huge lying pit, whose entrance was blocked by a 800 kilogram boulder. The bones of a young couple, possibly siblings, were found in the jar. The pair was covered with a gold cover, embroidered with 3000 sheets of gold of various shapes!

A museum well worth a visit. Take advantage of the low prices and rent the car you desire and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Crete.